What I Ate Wednesday

2 Oct

I’m excited to debut my first entry for What I Ate Wednesday (thanks Jenn for hosting)!  I have been meaning to blog this before, but I kept forgetting!!  I think this will be a fun way to help others learn what vegans eat and specifically show what I eat!

Today was a beautiful day!  After breakfast (peanut butter and banana oatmeal), Derek and I drove over to the Chatham Fish Pier and we got some great pictures.



Next we drove over to the Chatham National Seashore so we could go on a tour of the Chatham Lighthouse… well, thanks to the government shutdown, our tour was cancelled ):  We’ll have to wait until next month!



Later, we grabbed lunch from our favorite local joint: Corner Store!  I got the mini burrito, filled with fajita style tempeh, corn salsa, brown rice, and grilled veggies.  Then I got to eat the remaining fajita style tempeh that wouldn’t fit in the wrap :D


After some errands and shopping, Derek and I came home to get in a quick bike ride along the Old Colony Rail Trail.


Then for dinner I had some vegetarian chili that we bought frozen from Cottage Street Bakery in Orleans the other day.  I added 2 slices of cheddar style Daiya brand cheese and it was very delicious!  Plus a slice of bread from Allandale Farm in Brookline topped with some Earth Balance butter.


Then to end the night I had a bowl of raspberry and mango sorbet topped with crushed oreos!!


See you next week (:


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