San Francisco: here we come!!!

17 May

Today Julie and I are boarding a plane to fly across the country to San Francisco, California!!  EXCITE!

Of course I just started packing today (typical), but I wanted to log on and show how I survive a long 7 hour flight.

The first key is hydration!  And this goes for everyday life, but especially when you are going to be sitting for such a long time.  You want to prevent puffiness, lethargy, headaches and bloating that sometimes follows you when you get off the plane.  It’s good to start hydrating in the morning; drink about a gallon before 1, and keep drinking more if you have time.  I know for me I don’t drink as much once I get into the airport because of the disgusting price of water bottles and the taste of water out of the fountain YUCK!

Next I plan ahead for my boredom hunger strikes.  I don’t want to get caught in the airport with a snack attack that I just can’t control.  We all know what we’d end up with: chips or candy!!  There is no ban on the food you can bring in to the airport at this time so I pack a bag lunch.  This trip I gathered a few baggies:  one of fruit salad, one with some gingered rice, and another with a slice of seitan daiya quesadilla.  Bringing snacks is also great for when you have a late flight that goes through dinner (like ours).  This way I can munch healthy food during dinner time and then not snack when I get to the city!

(from last nights dinner… thanks mom)

Thirdly I pack a great carryon.  This contains comfortable headphones, an eye mask, clothes that I can layer on or use as a pillow, face, hand and body wipes, and some spray on deodorant.  I love the wipes because they not only clean your hands, but they freshen and waken you up.  They have softening aloe and all-natural scents!!  The wipes, along with the spray on scent, help when you have been sitting for a while; now people won’t run the other way when they see you coming (;

I also bring along some herbal tea, dark chocolate, chap stick and homeopathic insomnia pills.  I will usually take the insomnia pills about 30 minutes before landing so that my body will remain in a restful state when I have to commute to my location.  Going from Boston to San Francisco luckily helps with falling asleep (since it will be 2 a.m. time here in Boston), but the pills will come in handy coming home!

I can’t wait to see my family and friends in California!  The blog will either be crazy with posts or I might be too busy… we’ll see!!!


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