Portland M.E. Birthday Weekend!!

23 Mar

Wow… I am tired!!  This past weekend Ryan and I went to Portland, ME, to celebrate my birthday!  We fit a lot of stuff (and by stuff I literally mean vegan food) into these 2 and a half days it is remarkable!!

Friday night was low key: drove up and got settled in to the Eastland Park Hotel around 8:30/9 p.m. and Marie and Pat came over to check out our digs.  We all ate some sweet potato cinnamon buns (: and talked for hours.  Poor guys were so tired, but I am a talker man… it takes a lot to quiet me!! Then sleep, sleeeeep so Saturday would come!

Saturday was a great, busy day.  Sadly we awoke to snow, but then the sun forced it’s way out and it was a great day from afternoon on!  For lunch we ate at Green Elephant!  It was a small lunch because we knew we were going to Pat’s work around 3 in Brunswick and there would be more good eats there.

Here’s a display of the food and drink we enjoyed at Green Elephant:

Then we walked around a little to soak in the sun and get some exercise.  We stumbled upon an adorable mini food court upstairs from the Public Market House.  Unfortunately, the coffee place was more adorable than it was delicious… sorry!  The coffee tasted burnt and weird like beer.  Something definitely was bizarre about the flavors (either way it woke me up and it took me a very long time, even 12 hours later, to get sleepy!).  Here’s a pic of the cute coffee stand Market House Coffee:

From here we went to Marie and Pat’s apartment to pick up Marie and drive to Brunswick, M.E., to Pat’s work, Frontier Cafe.  Sometimes my mind is elsewhere (probably thinking “wow this food looks so good let’s eat!!!!!!”) and I didn’t take a picture of our delicious sandwiches!  The sandwiches Marie, Pat ad I ate were called The Patrick!  Pat invented this great sandwich for vegans!  Yay Pat!

And on the side came two fresh dates and a little mixture of dark chocolate and dried cherries.  Yuummmmmm!

Then we drove a little past Brunswick to Harpswell to do a little trail walking/hiking, or in my case tripping and sinking…  long story.

Wow, I’m getting tired again from just typing how busy we were this day!

After the hiking and getting muddy, we drove back to Portland.  Ryan and I vegged out a little in the hotel room and watched a very interesting documentary on Wal-Mart… grrr!

8:30 p.m. rolled around and it’s time to fill our bellies again!  We walked downtown to Flatbreads for some salad, pizza and beer yes, yes!  Sadly, the lighting was dark and the pictures came out sub-par!  But I’ll show ’em anyways!

We proceeded to drop in at Andy’s to catch the end of a cool local band, Tricky Britches, playing some bluegrass folk music.  Then we talked and talked some more until the bartender literally shut the lights out on us.  Hitched a ride back to the hotel from Marie and Pat and said our good-bye’s!

Info. on Sunday tomorrow… All this food porn is a lot to handle!!


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