Spring Time Detox

28 Feb

Just like spring cleaning your house… it’s time for us to spring clean our bodies.

Today starts a month-long detox of crap.  It seems as though it has been a continuation of the holidays through February… how is that okay?  And while the sun is shining a little longer and the birds are chirping a little louder, my body is screaming for help!

Okay, okay, so I’m not that bad, but I do feel bogged down by wheat and sugar and it feels a bit overwhelming.

I did a little bit of researching and have chose to do a basic healthy food cleanse to rid myself of those unhealthy addictions to wheat and sugar.  I’ll still eat everything I like, but I plan to reduce my wheat cravings by cutting out bread and all of wheats yummy little products (and I’m also cutting out yeast and gluten).  But first, starting today, I am cutting out sugar.  Baby steps!!!

My day so far:

Breakfast = yummy smoothie filled with spinach, hemp seeds, old-fashioned oats, blueberries and a banana

Lunch = salad topped with sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and pine nuts plus some broccoli florets dipped in hummus

Snack = an apple with 1 Tbsp. almond butter

And now here comes the true test.  Can I get through a shift at Whole Foods Market smelling the yummy cookies all night???  We shall see…

But on a lighter note: I’m growing broccoli sprouts!!!

The other day Ryan and I ran to Home Depot to pick up some organic potting soil since I really want to start growing some food from our apartment.  (There will be more to come when the Spring is officially here and I can show the amazing flowering box he built me for Christmas <3)  Then we got home and I soaked the seeds for 6 hours.  After soaking the seeds I set up the planting area in our living room (:

Oh hey Betty…

I love the book Ryan got me called Grow Great Grub!  It has great tips and ideas.  I can’t wait until I can plant more!

Growing sprouts:

Fill your container 3/4 the way full of pre-moistened organic potting soil and evenly scatter the seeds.  Top with a thin layer of soil, lightly water, and place in a warm area.

The plants don’t need sun until they sprout.  The top of the fridge is always the warmest part in the apartment haha!

< Well, it’s been 4 days since I planted these suckers and they are already poking their little heads through!! Yay!!  I’ll update more when my camera can actually capture the tiny little sprouties (yes I’m baby-talking about sprouts… deal). >


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