Eating at Work

25 Feb

As may have been mentioned before, Julie and I work at Whole Foods Market!  This makes snacks, dinner and lunch quite easy… but this isn’t always a good thing.  The other night my dinner was fantastic and I just had to share it!!

Ryan and I are trying to save money and not waste food, very important right?  Well since we had a giant container of Olivia’s Organic Mesclun Mix we were determined to eat it all waste free.  And yes, this means a lot of salads for the week.

Ryan put this one together for me:  mesclun mix, chopped carrot, leftover chives (from the potato chive soup), and his homemade herbed dressing (which will have it’s own post soon!).  Then when I got to work I added a few things… a few blobs of hummus, a handful of dried cranberries, and a small handful of roasted cashews/peanuts.

This was so satisfying and really helped me get through the rest of the busy shift!!! It’s amazing how full you can get from a salad. I also love how fast they can be to throw together… when you get your salad stuff just wash, dry and store it in easily accessible containers! And don’t forget the toppings!!  Sometimes I pre-measure toppings and store them in small glass baby food jars; these are also good for nuts/seeds/dried fruit for traveling snacks!


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