Stone Hearth Pizza

19 Feb

Last night Julie, Betsy and I made dessert and went out for dinner!  Amazing night!

We went to Stone Hearth Pizza and enjoyed some cheese-less personal pan pizza’s and Magic Hat No. 9!

Betsy and I split the personal size of Farm Fresh and The Bean (without cheese of course) and it was phenomenal.  Farm Fresh has potato, artichoke hearts, olives, garlic oil, red/yellow peppers, and it’s topped with arugula and red onion.  Then The Bean has garlic oil, white bean spread, sauteed red onion, and it’s topped with spinach (and we added some zucchini/squash mix).

Julie got creative and made her own personal pan pizza with sauteed tofu, caramelized onions, zucchini/squash mix, spinach and garlic oil.  It smelled, looked and tasted fantastic… maybe pizza making is Julie’s true calling?

Dinner was great and it was fun because it was discounted from which makes it even better ;)!!

Then for dessert we rushed home to our peanut butter cups that we made before we left so they could set up in the freezer!!!  Ahhhh-mazing for sure!  These peanut butter cups are so satisfying.  Better than most peanut butter cups I have ever bought in the store.



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