I’m lacking sleeppppppp

10 Feb

Woop… just fell asleep on the ‘p’ key.  My bad.

Ryan and I have been house sitting and dog sitting for the past 1 and a half, almost 2, weeks now and it is tiresome.  The house is adorable and the dogs are cuties, but it’s a long commute and it’s starting to wear on me.  Luckily Meg and Sully moved in right down the street and we can get some dog-free sanity over there!!  Last night Meg cooked us (us=Ryan, Sully, Marie and I) dinner and we watched Modern Family and Minute to Win It… phenomenal.

Dinner last night included salad, couscous, squash soup and wine.  Meg is such a good host and cook it’s amazing!  I wish we weren’t leaving house sitting (kind of) so we could do this every night.

Seriously though doesn’t that make you drool??

Thanks guys!!!


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