Kombucha Update!

10 Jan

My lil’ shroom has been really working overtime for me lately!  Batch after batch, this kombucha mushroom is brewing for me!  I never used to like the taste of this acidic and vinegar reeking tea, but once you get the homemade kombu-bug… you can’t break free.  I love coming up with all sorts of flavors!  It’s like creating recipes every single time you pour a glass.

Homemade Kombucha

1 gallon glass jug

Cheese cloth or a lint free cloth

1 gallon water

8 tea bags or loose tea (any variety as long as it is caffeinated)

about 1 cup sugar

1 kombucha mushroom


Brew the tea in the gallon of water, let steep for 8-10 minutes, dissolve in the sugar.  Remove the tea from the liquid and allow to cool completely to room temperature.

Add the room temperature sweet tea to your glass jug and add your mushroom plus 1/4 liquid from an old batch.  *Liquid from an old batch is optional, it is just a good way to get the fermentation started more quickly.  Cover the jug with cheese cloth or a lint free towel and let sit in a warm-ish area with minimal light (on top of the fridge is a great place).

After 7-10 days, depending on the temperature of your area and the speed of fermentation, your kombucha tea will be ready!  Carefully pour out your tea keeping some liquid in the jug for your next brew.  Make sure your mushroom remains flat and covers the surface area of your glass jug, it will grow to the diameter.  Repeat the process for your next batch.

Portion the tea in to glass jars and place in the fridge.  At this point you may add flavorings like fruits, ginger/herbs, or some juice.  Don’t let the tea sit for too long because it will continue to ferment.  Glass is the preferred vessel for your tea, the acidic, fermented tea will eat away at plastics and metals and it is not advised to use these.



2 Responses to “Kombucha Update!”

  1. gregorbucik January 11, 2011 at 12:00 pm #

    :D love the word ‘kombucha’ hehe. :) it looks a bit weird but i read about it’s medical purposes.. cool stuff :)


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